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Women's Kung Fu Tai Chi Outfit Zen Robes Shaolin Martial Arts Yoga Raw/Un-Dyed/

Women's Kung Fu Tai Chi Outfit Zen Robes Shaolin Martial Arts Yoga Raw/Un-Dyed/

Full Set Kung Fu Outfit, Zen Collection, Pants, Bag & Socks Heavy Cotton Raw/Un-Dyed


Italsamadhi - The Zen Collection


The full set includes the Jacket, Pants, Drawstring Bag, Kung Fu Socks and Elastic Wraps. 






Handmade frog button jacket in an ancient Chinese/Taoist style. 

The jacket is made from high quality heavy cotton and is handmade. 


Kung Fu Pants


Handmade Heavy Cotton Durable Pants For Martial Arts And Yoga


One size, fits men/women the waist is tie around for all sizes and the bottoms are also tie around.


The trousers are designed for martial arts, yoga and other activities which involve stretching and kicking. They are made from heavy cotton and won't rip at the crotch like many other harem and yoga pants.

You can wear the pants at 3/4 length and barefoot by tying the drawstrings behind the knees or ankles.


Drawstring Bag


Made from heavy cotton.

Looks beautiful and elegant.

Can be worn over one shoulder or as a backpack.


Kung Fu Socks + Elastic Wraps


The socks are designed to wrap the bottom of the pants tightly for outdoor training, the design keeps the bottom of the pants clean from dirt and safely out of the way whilst allowing full flexibility of the crotch area for high kicks and stretching in training sessions. Having loose clothing made from natural fibers also helps the chi and blood to flow when practicing energy arts. The socks also offer extra protection of the lower legs and warmth during winter training. I will provide a video link which explains the process of tying the socks with the elastic ties included in the set. 


By buying this full set you will receive a discount which is not available with the individual items.



Yes thats the tape and everything, dig a hole and put it in !



  • Returns

    All items can be returned within a 14day period if they have a fault or don't fit. 

    Items which you damage can not be returned.

  • Care

    The items are HAND WASH ONLY. 

    (Or use a cold/gentle setting on your washing machine)


    We ship to all countries but depending on your country and the items your order the price may vary.

    Please be aware that customs charges may apply when the parcel reaches your region. It will be your responsibily to pay for any additional customs fee's once your parcel arrives. This doesn't always happen with small parcels but it depends on your region and how strict their policies are.

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