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Want to purchase wholesale or collaborate with us ?

We are very open to various businesses, schools and communities who may wish to buy our products to stock their own shops, purchase uniforms for  community members or designers that want to collaborate.

Italsamadhi Line Sheet - 2024

Things we offer

Upon request we can offer the following services and wholesale opportunities. We're also open to requests if you have any ideas:

  • Embroidered Logo's on orders for schools, gyms and groups.

  • Personalised products, sizes and colours. 

  • Wholesale prices for businesses who wish to stock our products or those who want multiple items.

  • A platform to sell products of other designers if it fits the ethos of our brand. 

  • Supply of fabric for collaborating artists/designers and makers. 

  • Fabric Wholesale.

  • Affiliate Marketing,

  • Free Products For Promoters, Influencers and Brand Associates.

If you require any of these services or would like to suggest a proposal fill in the form below or send us an email. We are more than open to receive your requests. 

To see our full line sheet via email with all of our wholesale prices and info please fill out the form below:

Product Line Sheet Available On Request

Yogini  Ana Walking In Italsamadhi Gear

Request Something ?

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