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Our Story

Italsamadhi - Pronounced EYE-TAL-SAM-AD-HEE


What does "Italsamadhi" mean ? 

Ital - Ital is Vital, natural; natural state of being; non-artificial, non-synthetic, an organic way of life.

Samadhi - A state of Total Self-Collectedness in which individual and universal consciousness unite.


Where did it all start ? 

I originally came up with the idea of Italsamadhi whilst volunteering in the 2015 earthquake in Nepal when i was 18 years old. I made good friends with some locals in Kathmandu and began selling items i found at wholesalers around the city to raise money for the victims. After returning to the UK I stopped the business and began to focus more on my Music, studying Chinese Medicine other passions but circumstance brought me back to Nepal in 2019 to explore further with a friend and thus a new vision was born. 


I began to speak with suppliers and build my own product range based on fair trade, simple but quality fabrics and a minimal/zen style that i had been drawn too from my studies in Martial Arts. Every time i bought cotton harem pants and used them for high kicks and intense training i would always tear them at the crotch, so i decided to design my own outfit. I took a lot of inspiration from the Shaolin Monks and the Korean Zen outfits used in the 2003 Korean film "Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter And Spring". I liked how the clothing was very simple in its design but also stylish at the same time. The fabric seemed to allow for a full range of motion whilst also cooling the body naturally and makes the body look elegant and graceful in movement. 


I'm currently at the very beginning stages of building my range but I have some quality pieces and sets available. I can honestly say that my pants are the most elegant, strongest and highest quality loose fitting kung fu and yoga pants you will find out there.


Heres a few photos of me in Nepal. ^

Our Vision

Our Values

The vision for Italsamadhi is to build a team of happy designers, makers and members of our community across the world. I'd like to take the best, simple and most beautiful pieces of traditional clothing and update the designs for practical use in modern society while maintaining the traditional feel and ethos of our brand. Keep an eye out for future collections from Africa, India, South America, Japan and more. I would love to bring back traditional patterns from different cultures, tribal and simple clothing with in a modern style. I am also currently working on a range of home products, food products, beachwear and will try to cover every aspect of life that i can with the Italsamadhi brand.

  • Doing ethical business in authentic, environmentally safe ways and making handmade products from economically marginalised producers.

  • Having Harmonious relationships with our customers and employees.

  • Ensuring all of our products are the highest quality. 

  • Using natural and ethically sourced materials, dyes and methods of production.

  • Maintaining a strict commitment for Fair Trade Principles.

  • Having an open-ness to new opportunities, artists and collaborators. 

  • Using 100% biodegradable packaging and paperwork.

  • Empowering all cultures, traditions and walks of life that share our vision and values.

  • Having lots of fun and a keep a light heart during our process and business ventures.

Our business is based on ethical trade, biodegradable packaging and a love for customers and associates.


The process is a slow one but it will eventually blossom into a big beautiful flower. 🌻


Harry Stott


CEO & Founder

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